Nordgårds Waterlift
-Water from icy Lakes-
Nordgårds Waterlift

Today people collect water in several different ways! Most methods are often               time-consuming and physically demanding.

We have developed a cylinder shaped object that makes this much easier and you will get much cleaner water. We called it the waterlift.

To use the water lift you need an ice auger. When you have made a hole, you slide the waterlift down into the hole. The waterlift will fill itself with 3.5 L of water in no time.

The waterlift have at the bottom an opening and a closing mechanism, this so the water will stay in the cylinder when you take it out from the water/hole.

By collecting water in this way, you spend less time and effort and that the water quality is better because you get water from underneath the ice.
The waterlift is a high quality product made in Norway.


Length: 59 cm/23.2 inches
Diameter: 9 cm/3.5 inches
Weight: 1 kg
Capacity: 3,5 L